Questions about operation

How much is an admission fee?
Adult: \750 (Junior high school students and up)
Child: \300 (3-year-olds to 6th graders)
Infant: \100 (Babies under the age of one to 2-year-olds)

All of visitors are required to pay each admission fee
Let me know your business hours.
Weekday: 10 a.m. to 12 o'clock midnight
Saturday, Sunday and national holidays: 8 a.m. to 12 o'clock midnight
Last reception for admission: 11 p.m.
Let me know the bathhouse’s off days.
This bathhouse is open every day of the year, but we might close the bathhouse for several days a year to carry out equipment inspection/maintenance.
Can anyone gain entry to the bathhouse?
In order to ensure that all of the visitors to the bathhouse can use its facilities comfortably in terms of security and hygiene maintenance, we deny admittance to the following persons:

※Gangsters and persons involved in a gang
※Tattooed persons, those with tattoo stickers on and those with body paint on
※Persons who are totally drunk
※Persons with infectious diseases and infectious skin complaints
※In addition, in the event of a nuisance being committed to others and trouble being made for them, we will tell a problem visitor in question to leave the bathhouse.
Are coupon tickets available?
A book of coupon tickets “Yumeguri Ken” for a tour of hot springs is available.
For ordinary days: “Yumeguri Ken” / 11-use for \6,500”
Bath Day (limited sale on the 25th and 26th days of each month): “Yumeguri Ken” / 10-use at \5,500”
Is a point card available?
A point card called Yumeguri Membership Card is available.
You can apply for the card at the reception counter. (Entrance fee: \200. *You can get 1 point for every 100 yens spent.)

Questions about bathing

Is the bathroom provided with soap and the like?
In the washing area in the bathroom, shampoo, conditioner and body soap are available.
One-time-use shampoo, conditioner and body soap are ready for your use (\50 each).
As a matter of course, you may bring your own detergents into the bathroom.
Can I just rent towels?
A set of rental towels―face towels and bath towels―costs 250 yen.
Are housedresses available?
A set of housedresses―a top and bottom―costs 350 yen.
Is a family bath provided?
No family bath is provided.
Are any age restrictions put on mixed bathing?
Boys/girls who are 120 centimeters or more in height or those who are 10 years or older are not allowed to bathe together.
※Even children under the age of 10 who are 120 centimeters or more are not allowed to bathe together with people of the opposite sex.
※We will be called in for whether preschool children could do mixed bathing.
Can elementary school students use the bathroom by themselves?
There are places in the bathtub where the water gets deeper as well as hot equipment in a dangerous condition including an intense heat source like a sauna, and so elementary school children and preschoolers are not allowed to use the bathroom by themselves.
We would like to ask you to accompany your children.
How about babies?
当No age restrictions are put on bathing in our bathhouse, but babies and little children who cannot express their intentions are not allowed to go in the bath.
We recommend that they take a shower or use the baby bath installed in the bathroom.
How about persons with diapers on?
In terms of hygiene maintenance, those who wear diapers are not allowed to go in the bath.
Can I take a bath once or twice?
You may take a bath as many times as you please.
Once, however, you have exited the bathhouse, you are not allowed to use the bathroom again.

Questions about the restaurant HANANOKI

Are there places to eat in the bathhouse?
We would like to recommend the restaurant HANANOKI to you.
Set meals, rice served in a bowl with a topping, foods in season and others are listed on the menu.
Let us know your business hours.
Weekday: 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Saturday, Sunday and national holidays: 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Last reception for admission: 11:00 p.m. every day
Can I have only meals in the bathhouse?
Even eating only at the HANANOKI restaurant entails a bathhouse admission fee.
Can I bring food and drink into the bathhouse?
Under the direction of the public health center, we have no other choice but to refuse your eating and drinking in the bathhouse.
Can we hire the bathhouse for exclusive use or make a reservation at the bathhouse?
The bathhouse is not made available for exclusive use; further, we do not take reservations.

Other questions

Is courtesy bus service available?
Such service is not available.
Please come to our bathhouse by means of cars and public transportation.
How do I get to the bathhouse from Hamamatsu Station?
By bus: A 5-minute walk after getting off at the bus stop “Jorakuji Temple.”
*Take a bus at “Bus stop #13” or “Bus stop #14” at the bus terminal to the north of Hamamatsu Station.

By train: A 12-minute walk after getting off at the bus stop “Sukenobu Station”
* Get on Entetsu trains (Akaden) at Shin-Hamamatsu Station.

By taxi: A 15 minutes' drive from Hamamatsu Station (Taxi fare: About \1,800)
Is a parking lot available?
A 160-car parking lot is provided.
Can visitors in a party use the bathhouse?
Please give us advance notice. We will handle your request as we think appropriate.
The entry of large-size buses is not accepted.
During a crowded time, we might turn away such visitors against our will.
If by any chance I left my belongings behind, what shall I do?
We keep your belongings for you just for 1 week, but we will have to dispose of them from then on in terms of hygiene maintenance.
If such belongings are judged as valuables, we will bring them to the Hamamatsu Central Police Station.
Is smoking allowed here?
Smoking is prohibited inside the building.
Please have a smoke in smoking areas.
May I enter the bathhouse once or twice?
If you want to fetch necessary belongings from your car or you use the hairdresser’s salon and other shops/facilities within the bathhouse, we hand a readmission ticket to you for your reentry.
If not so, we deny readmittance to you.
Can I use only the healing spot?
Relaxation spots (Massage, Acupuncture, Moxa cautery, Chinese foot care, Thai therapy according to ancient custom, Body care, Trunk exercise)
At MAX SLIM (Beauty treatment) and hair dresser’s, even the use of one-time-only treatment is accepted.
You are required to pay an bathhouse admission fee when you use the beauty care salon for akasuri.
Do you take reservations for any treatment at the healing spot?
We accept such reservations.
For your reservations, please call the phone numbers direct to each shop in the following:

Relaxation spots (Massage, Acupuncture, Moxa cautery, Chinese foot care, Thai therapy according to ancient custom, Body care, Trunk exercise)

MAX SLIM (Beauty treatment)・Beauty care salon for akasuri

Hairdressing salon KAMIKOGEI

Hyperbaric air chamber / O2-Box